eRez Imaging Server 4.1.7 – Release Notes



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Dynamic Imaging. 12

Quality and Performance. 12

Easy of use. 12

Collaboration. 12

Compatibility. 13

Administration. 13

FSI Viewer 4.0. 13

FSI Pages 4.0. 13



eRez 4.1.7 Changes










eRez 4.1.6 Changes








eRez 4.1.5 Changes









<cms synchronize="1" />


When starting eRez you will see the message “Synchronizing CMS operations” logged as “info”.


Unfortunately this extra synchronization may limit the performance on systems with more than 2 CPUs. So our recommendation is to not enable this workaround unless your server is affected by this problem.


Things that might indicate that your server is affected by this problem are:


a)     Exceptions like java.awt.color.CMMException: General CMM error.

b)     Crashes within sun.awt.color.CMM.cmmColorConvert.



eRez 4.1.2 Changes


















eRez 4.1.1 Changes







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eRez 4.0.9 Changes





eRez 4.0.8 Changes




eRez 4.0.7 Changes


















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eRez Imaging Server 4.0 – New Features top 25


This is a list of some of the most important new features and changes in eRez version 4.0.


Dynamic Imaging

-          Parameterized text and graphics can now be rendered on top of images in real time.  This major new feature opens up endless possibilities for adding price tags and other up-to-date text and graphics to images on-the-fly.


-          3D Images can be published from individual source images (requires FSI Viewer 4).


-          Simple AJAX based HTML Viewer included.


Quality and Performance

-          Improved quality and performance when serving images to Flash and HTML Viewers.


-          Essential performance metrics are now collected continuously and can be viewed as graphs from the Management Console.


-          New Caching options for serving image data using native web servers.


Easy of use

-          The web interface has been updated with a new fresh look and supports working with a selections of files. The new interface takes advantage of the new dynamic imaging features to render text under the icons and dim inactive icons.


-          A selection of files can be emailed, downloaded, deleted, edited and published in a single operation.


-          Meta data can now be entered and automatically applied to images during uploads. The administrator can mark certain fields as mandatory; provide predefined values in dropdown menus and more.



-          The contents of the Download Manager can now be emailed as a simple link which will fetch a ZIP file directly from the eRez Server.


-          All emails can now be sent to multiple recipients.


-          An arbitrary selection of images can now be emailed.



-          Native Photoshop PSD files can now be used as mater images. Since PSD files only contain a single resolution, eRez will automatically create the missing resolutions and store them separately. Until this process has been completed the image may temporarily show up as a grey box.


-          Support for SVG, GIF, 24-bit PNG and more TIFF options including 1-bit, CCITT and packbits compression.


-          New optional (separately priced) plug-in providing support for AutoCAD DWG, DXF and DWF files.


-          Alternative filename extensions such as ".tiff" and ".jpeg".




-          An optional plug-in for automatically converting JPEG images to TIFF format when they are uploaded via FTP or other means is now included.


-          Both eRez and the Management console now use a highly flexible logging system with configurable detail levels and much more.


-          Many smaller improvements to the Management Console including direct entry of FSI license keys.


FSI Viewer 4.0


Evaluation versions of FSI Viewer, Showcase and Pages 4.0 are included with eRez 4.0.


-          Greatly improved performance and quality using optimized request to eRez Imaging Server and more.


-          3D Images can be published from individual source images.


-          New look and feel.


FSI Pages 4.0

-          Full-text Search functions using eRez’s built-in search engine.


-          New Print and Save options.


-          Improved FSI Pages Converter.


-          New look and feel.